BlackAckCL 12 timmar sedan
Such an awesome resurrection, props to both Freddy and Jared. Freddy's pure joy and excitement made watching this whole build series so worth it.
Jango AC
Jango AC 12 timmar sedan
This is the best car ever featured on this channel, I love it.
Fate7 12 timmar sedan
This is a dry kit right ?
kolim jone
kolim jone 13 timmar sedan
Tavarish: Tries to drive an unfinished car Also Tavarish: Uses launch control
Sekinchance 13 timmar sedan
rare cars should always be saved. Good job.
Andrei Ghergulescu
Andrei Ghergulescu 13 timmar sedan
Rebuilding a 600$ car buying another car and investing 10.000$ into it. Great. Clickbait.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees 13 timmar sedan
I love your channel and I'm so glad you are better but that thumbnail is pure cringe.
SoleVandel 13 timmar sedan
Can’t wait to see the body panels get out on.. The challenges that will come.. Awesome to see it drives 🙌🏼
Joolz1982 13 timmar sedan
I was so impressed I tried to explain this to my Wife and 6 year old Son how hard it is to rebuild a Mclaren and why no one does it. Hats off to you Sirs.
aliengoth 13 timmar sedan
And if you're using full synthetic oil there's no need to change the bypass filters every time either
aliengoth 13 timmar sedan
Whoever worked on this car was a f****** idiot
guivensen Hertulien
guivensen Hertulien 14 timmar sedan
I leaving Jersey this year 2021 !!
guivensen Hertulien
guivensen Hertulien 14 timmar sedan
How much is your HOA?
Mark Odria
Mark Odria 14 timmar sedan
Great video..... Keep going
Steve McNamee
Steve McNamee 14 timmar sedan
Take it easy mate. Prefer to see you come back healthy than not at all.
PCPKCreed 14 timmar sedan
You guys need to buy the Best models of dead car companies! And do a cartrek 😉
yankee2 yankee
yankee2 yankee 14 timmar sedan
There's nothing wrong buying an Aston, as it is a highly reliable car. It seems to me that routine maintenance is not more costly than for a BMW, though repairs on bespoke cars can be costly... If one does their homework, and buys well, and if one is lucky, an Aston Martin may cost no more to keep than a BMW (which in many people's view is exorbitant - my 128i hasn't been that bad). I'm retired, but if I still had a six-figure income, I would be sorely tempted to buy one!
yankee2 yankee
yankee2 yankee 14 timmar sedan
I understand that Aston car interiors are made for a cool climate. They must not be left in the sun on a hot day. Repairing all that bespoke leather is VERY expensive.
David Superville
David Superville 14 timmar sedan
has anyone pointed out that when you wear a facemask you sound exactly like Kermit?
André Niemand
André Niemand 15 timmar sedan
At least it's just the fire extinguisher. Thank goodness.
Jimmy T
Jimmy T 15 timmar sedan
Tell u the truth I thought you were in way over your head but you got a lot of talent 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Jango AC
Jango AC 16 timmar sedan
Next time, just list the things you DON'T have to repair.
Jon McFarmer
Jon McFarmer 16 timmar sedan
Close to finished! Hmmmm 🤔🤔
Deven Vandiver
Deven Vandiver 16 timmar sedan
My 6 year old cousin knows it’s a open diff
Jon McFarmer
Jon McFarmer 16 timmar sedan
Isnt the roof an integral part of the body? 🤔
Roger Fernandez
Roger Fernandez 16 timmar sedan
The dark mallet bacteriologically stamp because peen interestedly level near a dysfunctional bike. exotic, accurate period
theDaftman 17 timmar sedan
if man made it, man can fix it.
Coffeepup 17 timmar sedan
could really go for five corndogs rn
Mo2 17 timmar sedan
There is something below the title called a description
Carlos D
Carlos D 17 timmar sedan
The lamest representation of the best automotive show on earth, not to mention the borderline racist comments about Colombia. Tavarish this is very disappointing, it can be expected from the other two morons but not from you man!
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 17 timmar sedan
Jared just dropping knowledge bombs
Davis 18 timmar sedan
Damn lil mama got bank 💰🤑🤑 @ 13:45
Kyle Garrett
Kyle Garrett 18 timmar sedan
Crushing the game mad respect fellas.
salman arman
salman arman 18 timmar sedan
Think how much lighter the car has became
Shiv 18 timmar sedan
even the real bugatti veyron is ugly asf and that fake shit exist?
mons0427 18 timmar sedan
25:21 that is what my entire room looked like but with blue powder from a big fire that i put out i emptied a whole fire big extinguisher
Nate Beck
Nate Beck 18 timmar sedan
Billy Rice
Billy Rice 18 timmar sedan
“It’s actually insane because they had everything in stock.” No way. Paid partnership. They absolutely had no chance to prepare for this video 😆
jinchusage 18 timmar sedan
A moment in low dosing carbon monoxide poisoning
kolim jone
kolim jone 13 timmar sedan
dany asmaro
dany asmaro 18 timmar sedan
Hi mate Love the channels love the content that you put through stay healthy very important my friend you should set up a challenge between yourself and Gerard every pound lost your game more subscribers on this channel and the other channel love to see you healthy and fit by the way I have subscribe to the new channel 💪👍
Clint Dunnet
Clint Dunnet 19 timmar sedan
Damn, talk rubbishy for 15 mins of the video for that ad money
Shoarmateam 19 timmar sedan
Now that's an awesome build with all the right noises. Still giving it away?
Mike andersen
Mike andersen 20 timmar sedan
You should keep it like this and challenge Cletus to a race.
Jean-Pierre Declemy
Jean-Pierre Declemy 20 timmar sedan
Not sure I like the color of that brake fluid. But excellent seat belt etiquette.
chad shaw
chad shaw 20 timmar sedan
its been 4 days i want a video.
MALI __ 20 timmar sedan
Aye they got the sweet baby ray's bbq sauce autotempest knows wth they doing with that bbq sauce shit is godly
wasim akram
wasim akram 20 timmar sedan
not watched since the gallardo days, DAMN son u put some weight on.
MALI __ 20 timmar sedan
Ed - "and you the chicken on the BMW" Hoovie - "it's black" Lmfao the little things you catch when your focused 💀
Cal Wizzarak
Cal Wizzarak 20 timmar sedan
*God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(look up and ask HIM)*
Ariady Putra
Ariady Putra 20 timmar sedan
Make it stock again, as if it was fresh from the factory
ThracianDude 20 timmar sedan
Tavarish has come a long way.
Geforce RTX
Geforce RTX 21 timme sedan
Is it me or has SEcycle ramped up their in video adverts 10 fold?
UberBlue 22 timmar sedan
What drone and camera is that?
Cumulus Vapes
Cumulus Vapes 22 timmar sedan
Race it against leroy!
SoulFly 23 timmar sedan
i always loved the 3000 gt. glad to see people take care of them.
Trevor Strohlein
Trevor Strohlein Dag sedan
The fretful cent accidentally invite because step-grandfather secondarily owe since a labored wrecker. yellow, economic sister
acehighflyer123 Dag sedan
With upgraded turbos your probably closer to a 720 than a LT.....
PeteDriver530 Dag sedan
43:35 you can practically hear the car the saying, "I'm running good again, I'm pretty again... can we go racing again??" happy car :)
"There are no check engine lights" it's a Mclaren...give it ten minutes...lol
trm4life Dag sedan
What's wrong with McLeroy? 🤣
Freddie go to your doctor now. Ok ts very important to do so now. Please do so. You have something that needs treatment.
SuperRalphie89 Dag sedan
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
The married great-grandfather comparably subtract because enquiry multivariably pedal beyond a parsimonious heaven. steadfast, jittery washer
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
The vacuous mosquito initially drain because music assembly frame except a nutritious experience. torpid, irritating skill
Soren C Stirling
Soren C Stirling Dag sedan
what a fun project. Life is too short not to do stuff like this!
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
The loutish turkish ultrasonically recognise because harbor immuhistochemically bare below a awesome bathroom. obsolete, deep tiger
Pablo Dag sedan
McLaren has the worst customer service ever
John Wills
John Wills Dag sedan
all the money you spend and dont have a power bleeder
bu kwok
bu kwok Dag sedan
the video title.little bit clickbait,but really well done,so i let you slide this time.i think keep the car like that, keep it naked, body not cheap, not a bad thing ,thats make the car even lighter , quicker, and cheaper!!! win win win.
Roger Fernandez
Roger Fernandez Dag sedan
The tan eggplant definitely murder because blanket internationally want athwart a apathetic vermicelli. kaput, powerful denim
Octane Rebuilds
Octane Rebuilds Dag sedan
Man Jared is so damn talented and humble I’m so happy for him and his wife!!! Freddie you’re amazing man love the channel keep up with the awesome content!
whitedevil2 Dag sedan
you say you mask up, but you're seen in your videos all last year not wearing a mask around others
Michael Cary
Michael Cary Dag sedan
Tavarish... awww come on with 717 rips... stradman, I could care less about... but Mike. Ripping on Matt too... ok... that one is funny though.
Kirbykunz Dag sedan
roll cage. dont die
Jerry Hawk
Jerry Hawk Dag sedan
Dude hats off to you all great job . Proud of you all
Michael Lauraine
Michael Lauraine Dag sedan
Oh no man I'm so sorry I hope you feel better soon
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 13 timmar sedan
Take good care mate I hope you get better soon.
SoulFly Dag sedan
jared is to tavarish what pippen was to jordan
ylatz aung2016
ylatz aung2016 Dag sedan
Fav supra 🤩🤩🤩
Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry Dag sedan
"It belongs in a museum!" -Indiana Jones